Introduction to this site

The motivation of the quest

What made us interested in food loss as the theme of this site is that the member who is creating this site had studied the issue of refugees before.

We learned that in the process there is a big problem of hunger all over the world, investigated the food situation in the world and learned about Food loss.

Although the production of food should be sufficient, we had a strong question about the current situation in which countless people suffer from hunger, so we wanted to explore deeply about food loss, which is a problem that is happening close to us.



Purpose of site creation

The reason we created this site was because we wanted to do what we could as a countermeasure for food loss, a major cause of food problems in the world.

As high school students, we cannot directly save those who suffer from hunger around the world. However, we created this site because we thought that "Food loss" is a familiar problem, and if we can communicate the problem and how to deal with it, it will be useful for solving it even a little.

Therefore, it is a site that focuses on what we, as a high school student, actually worked on and experienced, and it is a site that sends out "life-size measures for high school students" that are different from others even on sites that deal with the same "food loss".

We hope that everyone who has viewed this site will notice the food loss problem and take measures even a little.