Tour report


In recent years, food loss has been gaining attention and more people are working on solutions!


There are a lot of companies, organizations and events that work on reducing food loss!


Is that so!
I didn't know at all.
If we go there, we may find some tips for reducing food loss!


I see!
Let's go to know what we are doing now and think about what we can do!





Japan Food Ecology Center Collect discarded products

Turning them into pig feed!
World food day(Chiba north meeting) Event to think about world food.
The 6th time we participated was "Hunger Zero".
has been dispatched to the Congo.
Summary of JIFH officers' local reports.
Food bank Chiba Collect surplus and unshippable food.
And deliver it to poor families throughout Chiba Prefecture.
Food bank Funabashi Than "Food Bank Chiba",
groups that are even closer to the community.
They support the child-raising generation.
Australian measure In Australia, a school trip destination, we covered the mechanism of
food loss measures different from Japan.